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There is everything to love about pearls. Shan You, the creative director of Orchira, established the company to redefine how people feel about pearls. As much as she could, her goal was to elevate pearls by presenting different colors, designs, colors, and designs like regular metallic or stone jewelry.

A UK-based brand, Orchira is a specialist company in pearl jewelry – from pearl earrings to bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles, brooches, and cufflinks – name it, and you’ll get it. You would think that pearl jewelry is only available in white color, but you will find different semi-precious stones and freshwater gems at different sizes and shapes for everyone to admire. Favorite shapes are biwa, button, keishi, round, and button, and all are available in the bracelets section. The least pricey bracelet may be in the range of £140, but the prices are worth every quality that the pearl represents.

The color themes make it even easier to fall in love with the pieces – such as deeply dark, dream blue, pure cream, glowing gold, and more. You can select colors before making an order.

It is normal for your pearl jewelry to have some faults and imperfections. In this case, the inhouse repairer will help you restring it at a little cost such that you don’t need restringing for another 8 years.