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More About Otiumberg

Created by the sister’s Christie and Rosanna, Otiumberg is a British store specialising in the design and creation of demi-fine jewellery pieces. For Christi and Rosanna, Otiumberg is so much more than a brand – it is a dream that was inspired by the appreciation of fine jewellery, and through passion and dedication alone the sisters have transformed their dream into a reality – creating exquisitely luxurious jewellery pieces. For them, there is truly nothing more fulfilling than creating a rivetingly beautiful piece of jewellery from its raw materials, and it is has been a lifelong pursuit to perfect this craft.

Jewellery has long been considered as one of the most enduring expressions of love and devotion, and it is easy to see why. A handcrafted pieces jewellery created by Otiumberg speak their own language – a language of light as they sparkle and shimmer and dazzle the eyes of whoever gazes upon them. What distinguishes Otiumberg from alternative jewellery designers is that it takes the methods and values of traditional craftsmanship and art, but uses it to create a contemporary brand, a brand whose designs can be worn by anyone and every one, on a daily basis, and for any occasion.