Poan Voucher Code January 2022

More About Poan

An acronym for People Of All Nations, Poan is so much more than a clothing brand – it is the inspirational expression of creativity and a poignant tribute to a vision of humanity centred on love and unity. The clothes created and designed by Poan are therefore representative of the stories, experiences, inspirations and memories of everything that is wonderful and uplifting about humanity. The beauty of identity and individuality is that it is constantly undergoing a process of change and transformation, and Poan strives to reflect the dynamic and complex nature of the human mind and soul through their timeless, unique and alluring designs.

In light of their philosophy, Poan is also committed to becoming a responsible and conscience brand – one which not only doesn’t harm the environment or its inhabitants but is actively invested in making the world a better place. This is why they work incredibly closely with their talent artisans, whilst also ensuring that the materials they use for their gorgeous collections are as sustainably sourced as possible. Poan has elevated clothing to an unprecedented height as a form of storytelling, each and every stitch conveying an emotion, a memory or a word narrating the complexities, challenges and beauty of the human condition. Ultimately, Poan is a testimony to love – the love of fashion, the love of creativity, the love of beauty and the love of humanity.