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More About Popsockets

Eclectic, stylish and exciting. PopSockets is a company which specialises in electronic accessories. It is particularly well-known for the removable grips that it has designed and created especially for smartphones. Essentially, the objective behind the PopSocket Grip is to make handling and holding a phone much easier and safer, and not only that but they also function as a stand so that you can prop up your phone as and when required. There is a range of innovative products engineered by the company, including mounts, PopMinis, PopWallets, PopGrips as well as phone cases.

Alongside the novelty of the products themselves, PopSockets extensive collection of electronic accessories have bee designed in countless colours, designs and styles. Whether you’re looking for something vibrant and neon-coloured or in a more monochromatic palette, you are truly spoiled for choice. What’s more, there’s the option to select from a range of textures and finishes, such as diamond, sequins, scales or glossy and matt surfaces. There’s even a customization option, and it’s a matter as simple as uploading your picture and design of choice and then being delivered a PopSocket which is specially personalized for you.