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Extra Information About Purechimp.com

Matcha tea has been around for centuries. It is a traditional Japanese tea that is renowned for its antioxidants properties and natural goodness. Replace your cup of coffee/ energy drink with Purechimp matcha tea and feel energised and revitalised. Founded in 2013, they offer a selection of matcha green tea and flavoured matcha tea that is 100% natural and affordable. Their green tea comes as a powder in a small fun and cute pouch. Each serving is equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea. The drink has a distinct grassy taste and comes with amazing health benefits. The matcha tea is full of vitamins and minerals that clears your mind, improve your skin, burn calories and boost metabolism. They also stock a wide range of 100% natural skincare products that is just right for you. You can purchase any of these items from the Purechimp website without any hassle. You can also gift your loved ones with their range of gift sets. Even with a busy schedule, you can shop for this natural goodness with just a few clicks of the button and your orders will be delivered right to your door. They are committed to making customers happy and their customer service team is available to assist you with any help you need while shopping on their website. They are also committed to looking after the world by using recyclable glass jars, recyclable aluminium foil pouch, and recyclable paper when packaging your orders. Have fun and stay healthy with unique matcha tea selection that leaves you feeling too good from their website.