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More Info About Ripped Knees

When it comes to stunt scooters and all you need to engage in extreme sport, then Ripped Knees is the leading online retailer that you can always count on, as they stock and produce all that you need for your stunts and adventures on the scooters, skateboards.

They stock skateboards of different kinds from Karnage to Krunk, limitless, MGP, Tony Hawk to Rocket and Runners skateboards as well as others in fabulous colors with great prints. If you are a girl rider, then you will love their luscious skates, Moxi as well as Roller derby skates.

At Ripped Knees, you also find custom scooters that are already been pre-tested to ensure that there are no injuries during your fun time. Regardless of the brand that you want or the spare parts that you need for any form of upgrade they have got you covered.

Stay protected with their range of protective accessories from kneepads, knee gaskets, elbow pads, wrist guards, as well as all kinds of clothing and others which is always available at affordable prices.

What’s more? Ripped Knees offers you the opportunity to build your own scooters of your choice with their amazing scooter custom builder service. They provide everything you need to get it done, from scooter desks, scooter forks, scooter bars, clamps, headsets, wheels and others to get you started.