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On seeing this tub at first, you wouldn’t think of it as being awesome, but the Shnuggle Baby Bath is incredibly amazing. It comes with a reclined backrest and bum bump which prevents your baby from slipping. This gives parents more time to wash and play with their babies. Due to the upright recline, your baby’s full body will be submerged into water and their airways stay out of the water. Washing your baby with Shnuggle Baby Bath is easy and convenient. This tub is designed for newborns and babies no more than 1 year. In other words, this tub is not for older toddlers and cannot be used for babies twelve months and older. At Shnuggle, they take priority in keeping your baby safe and secure with all designs tailored to that specific needs. Every product on display has undergone rigorous tests and guaranteed to be of EU standards. Durability, longer-lasting and quality performance awaits every parent using this tub. The brand has more than 25 products in their range. All the items on display are made in the UK, ensuring safety and security for both babies and their parents. Choose Shnuggle for all your baby needs.