Shoes For Crews Discount Code July 2022

Shopping Tips for Shoes For Crews

SFC has the finest designs and merchandise in the shoe line. As one of the largest and comprehensive ranges of slip-resistant shoe product lines, SFC is the unisex brand that promotes that simplistic athletic look combined with casual and safety touches. Curating more than 280 styles for both men and women, you can count on their range of dresses and shoes. SFC supplies people in about 40 countries with supplies the best slip-resistant footwear that is primarily recognized for comfort, durability, grip, style, and value.

Founded by two friends and brothers – Matt Smith and Stanley Smith – in 1984, the business started for the production of a small collection of nurses’ footwear who always worked out of their homes. One of their customers suggested the creation of shoes that could ‘grip’ slippery restaurant floors, and hospital avenues. When the Smiths got this idea, they repurposed it and met with a professor in rubber technology who partnered with them to launch the first set of slip-resistant footwear.

Whether the job role is janitor, barrister, bartender, sommelier, doctor, or fishmonger, you will find a range of fitting items with up to 10% off all styles by applying code ‘SFC102019’ at checkout.