Signare Tapestry Voucher Code January 2022

More Info About Signare Tapestry

Signare Tapestry is truly a representation of British fashion at its finest – vibrant, experimental and electric. It is a stunningly beautiful tribute to the legacy of British, European and international fashion when it was at its peak some time ago – a time when fashion was associated with everything that was adventurous, creative and innovative. Signare Tapestry is a luscious and mesmerising British lifestyle brand, and they design truly unique and distinguished bags and home furnishings for those individuals who love to make a statement with the way they dress and design their homes.

Inspired by the traditional beauty and intricate details of the tapestry designs, their designers are inspired by the masterpieces of the traditional and timeless craft of the weaving and creation of tapestries. The patterns, prints, colours and palettes are then used to be applied to handbags, bags, satchels, cushion covers and a range of home furnishings, creating a truly distinctive and different aesthetic which sets Signare Tapestry apart from any other company or designer presently on the market. Tapestry is an ancient artistic venture, and Signare Tapestry has truly given it an unexpected contemporary twist and a new lease on life with their adventurous and exciting collections.