Skinny Tan Discount Code January 2022

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Okay, what if you don’t have to spend hours in the sun just so you could get the perfect tan? You are now probably thinking about all the times you tried to get a fake tan from products that left your skin with tell-tale sign of how fake your tan is. Now you think they are not worth your money and you are right. But what if you got one that does? Skinny Tan promises to leave you with products that are absolutely effective and efficient.

Skinny Tan is a company that specializes in creating 100% effective tan products that will offer you great value for your money. Founded by women who really understood the need for fake tans to be no different from the real ones, the company boasts of a wide array of products that deal with the problem of ‘orange patches’ that seems to befall other tanning products.

The company also has high regard for skin hygiene and as such their products are made up of 99% natural ingredients. This means that they are both paraben and sulphate free and you can, therefore, achieve that bronzed skin colour in the safest way possible; free from UV rays or harmful chemicals.

Asides tanning products, Skinny Tan also offers a wide array of face, body and sun care products that have been tested by thousands of customers to work magic.

And remember, whether you are getting tanning oil, Mousse, body glow moisturizer or a 7-day tanner, it will be delivered free if your total purchase exceeds pound60.