Slendertone Voucher Code January 2022

More About Slendertone

Slendertone comprises a team of professionals, both creators, and engineers, who invent and design the best range of wearable technology in the world. With more than 50 years of experience in design, research, manufacture, and marketing of medical grade products, Slendertone is the best in its game. The products are all manufactured to medical standards with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology that replicated regular exercise, which results in firmer, stronger, and more toned muscles. The range of products has stood the test of time with tens of millions of similar items sold across the world.

What the stats say:

• 77% of users attest to fast results in shape in 8 weeks
• 49% of users saw an increase in abdominal strength from 4 weeks
• An average reduction in waistline size up to 3.5cm experienced by users after two months
• Check out the range of products such as Bottom Toner, Gel Pads, Full Body, Connect Abs, and up to £40 off Abs80.

What more?

• Integrity – clinically proven EMS technology
• Safe for use – 50Hz electrical pulse frequency on products
• Convenience – used for 20-30 minutes every day

The experts in EMS body toning technology are renowned for quality and sophistication. Even though the price of items may not be reasonable, the discounts will surely blow you away.