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Sporting, athleticism and exercise are no longer niche interests or professions restricted to a select few. Sport has become a lifestyle, and it is an aesthetic as much as it is an activity. The boundaries and definitions of fashion are being continually redefined and changed, and in the contemporary era, more and more people are realizing that comfort and ease are just as important as style and appearance. Sports clothing has experienced a revival in recent times, and this can be attributed to that fact that it is not only ultra-modern and effortless when it comes to style, but it is also incredibly easy to wear and move around in.

Society Sport exclusively designs and manufactures sports clothing for men and children. Their eclectic combinations of colours, prints, patterns and logos when it comes to their t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and caps are distinguished themselves as one of the most forthcoming brands when it comes to innovation and uniqueness. Society Sport is the aesthetic of a contemporary urban subculture, inspired by youth culture, athleticism, vintage 90s sportswear and street cultures to create an enduring tribute to and celebration of the intersection of urban life, class and race.