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Gray Grant worked at a local bike store in Amersham, in the 1970s. He was highly skilled in trading, and it became evident when he started a side hustle by selling customized skateboards. The bike shop owner wasn’t too happy because more than 60% of the calls coming into the store were for Gary. At this point, he had no other choice than to terminate his employment so he could build his business. In 1979, Gary got married to Catherine, and with her help, they continued with the skateboard venture, which has grown immensely. They bought a house in which they stored all the skateboards.

Two years into their marriage, the couple took over the Pram and Toy Barin. The previous store owner never fancied kids, but Gary and Catherine saw it as an avenue to expand their market and cater to the needs of both children and adults alike. They’ve dreamt of a store that will cater to people of all ages, and this new toyshop made it a reality. The brand aims to be the number one Toyshop for every child. Creating beautiful memories is a hobby at The Toyshop. If you need great toys to help your kids discover their identity, explore relationships and stay happy, visit the Toyshop for some great toys.