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Today, Sexually Transmitted Infections seems to be easier to contract than a headache is. Even though there are precautions that people take to prevent infection, there are still a lot of cases of those infected with them. The good news is most of these STIs can be easily treated and dealt with if quickly detected, but many don’t want to be seen visiting a sexual health clinic. Whatever your reasons are, your health still remains paramount, and so The Gum Clinic provides you another option to stay healthy.
The Gum Clinic is an online sexual health clinic where procedures and kits have been put in place to help people carry out medical tests from the comfort of their own homes. The clinic is run by a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses. It is also affiliated with Online Medical Care Service limited, a company that is licensed by the Care Quality Commission.
Their range of service includes a full bacterial screening and tests for various STIs including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, and Herpes amongst others.
In matters concerning medical services, speed and discretion are always of importance. At the Gum Clinic, efforts have been directed towards ensuring that these are obtainable. The system in place can have you tested in four easy procedures that can take as short as24 hours to complete and the results will be sent to you immediately. For discretionary purposes, kits are sent to and fro your home in a business envelope, and charges are made to your card under the name onlinemedicalservices2.
Knowing that it is important that STIs are treated immediately they are discovered, The Gum Clinic offers free treatment to their patients should their test turn out to be positive. So, don’t leave your life unsure about your health status anymore, check in to The Gum Clinic today and have yourself tested.