The Original Factory Shop Discount Code August 2022

Helpful Information on Tofs

If you need to quote a few items, you can of course visit a good number of specialised shops. However, not all specialised shops are cheap. The good thing is that you can find whatever item you are looking for when you look into department stores and this time at discounted prices. One of the online stores that stock quality products at affordable pricing are The Original Factory Shop.

Founded in 1969, The Original Factory Shop, or TOFS for short, is a department store that takes pride in satisfying the needs of customers. Originally, the company started a business selling left-over soap from one of Black’s Factories. Today, they offer all kinds of products. Their online store features beauty products including curling tongs, fragrances, body products, and lots more. You can also find all kinds of furniture for office and home use including wardrobes, bookcases, mattresses, coffee tables, dining sets, mattresses, and lots more.

Need to replace some electrical appliances in your home? TOFS is your online store for an extensive collection of electrical including audio equipment, microwaves, washing machines, carpet cleaners, refrigerators, and lots more.

Whatever you are looking for, The Original Factory Shop has got it all. Scroll through their website and explore the many categories available on their website.