Undone Watches Discount Code June 2022

Helpful Information on Undone.watch

Undone is a company that focuses on producing watches that accurately tell the time but are designed to be timeless. Their watches are all integrated with the perfect blend of traditional and modern features that helps to highlight the overall beauty of each piece.

Undone’s watches at the moment are offered in 3 categories – the Aqua, Collaboration, and Urban.

Aqua: This category contains pieces that are designed for those who want to look rugged and sophisticated at the same time. The Aqua Cerakote is a proud member of this collection, and it sports a metallic design that has anti-scratch abilities and can withstand very abrasive conditions and intense heat.

Collaboration: this category features a selection of chronograph watches that are designed for fans of several shows and films that are either rocking the airwaves now or did so in time past. At the moment, they proudly display their Undone x Peanut and Undone x Ultraman collections.

Urban: this category as the name suggests contains a selection of watches that have been infused with the more recent trending designs with only a touch of the traditional flavor. It further contains four subcategories – Regatta, Tropical, Mystique and Vintage.