Unlocked Mobiles Discount Code June 2022

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It is a common trend nowadays for new phones to be network locked. This means you buy a phone with a Sim card already installed which you can either choose to use or change. If you want to change, it must be within the same network carrier, or it won’t work. Now, this can be frustrating. Do not despair; Unlocked Mobiles is here with a way out.

Unlocked Mobiles is an online tech company that deals especially in unlocked and sim free phones. Attempting to unlock your phone yourself opens you up to a lot of risks that might not be covered by your warranty. Unlocked Mobiles, however, eliminates such risks by removing them from the phones before selling them to you.

These fantastic deals are offered for a very wide range of products that they have stocked. These include Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Nokia and a host of others. Their shelves are being updated regularly so that their customers are not left wanting of the latest phones out in the market. You thus have access right now to newly released phones such as the Samsung s10 plus.

The company understands that safety is a major concern for everyone who shops online. They thus have in place the latest online security that is provided by Protx, their payment partner. And if that doesn’t put you at ease, then you should know that there is a £50,000 worth of cover for every customer and this is backed up by their Comodo Authentic & Secure Certificate.

Unlocked Mobiles is first of all dedicated to helping their client unlock a world of complete technological advancement and thus offers all their products at very competitive price ranges. These coupled with their excellent sales and after sales service is the reasons why you shouldn’t take your phone needs anywhere else.