Azuni Voucher Code August 2022

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There is a reason why jewellery enjoys such an enduring and timeless appeal. As well as a beautiful accessory, a fine piece of jewellery is powerfully evocative of memories, moments, emotions and reminisces from the past. Everyone attaches their own personal sense of meaning to their jewellery, and this is what makes a beautifully-crafted piece of jewellery such a perfect gift. The value of jewellery extends far beyond any monetary or material worth and is so much more to do with the thought, people and sentiments surrounding the piece itself. Ashley Marshall is the creator and jewellery behind the jewellery brand Azuni, and his truly unique designs and innovative approach to jewellery design will undoubtedly delight and astonish anyone who is gifted one of his pieces.

Ashley’s journey began as a chef, and by developing his talent for intuitively blending and merging ingredients and flavours, he has transferred this skill into jewellery design. By combining precious metals and sparkling stones in hitherto unseen ways, he also draws inspiration from the wonderful heritage and stunning culture of the native communities of South America. This approach is at once a tribute to traditions going back centuries at a time, as well as a celebrating of the melting pot of cultures and ways of life that has come to define twenty-first-century life. Handcrafted and artisan, his jewellery has received critical acclaim and been acknowledge by many of the leading, figures, companies and magazines within the fashion industry.