Terms & Condition

The users of the online dealing site DealsQueen has to read and agree these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are for your guidance in order to get the best shopping experience possible. We are sorry since the site can be only accessed by those who only agree to these terms and conditions.

The users will have to create an account in DealsQueen in order to do online deals and those without a profile will only be able to view and will not have the privilege of exchanging any deals. The users must use adequate protection in order to secure the site from unauthorized users. Any action done on the site is accountable by the profile owner.

The site is one of UKs most popular site and will offer you with deals, coupons, advertisements and many offers which can be accepted by a user of the site. The site also contains third party offers and if the user chooses to accept the offer given by the third party seller the transactions are done between the user and the third party seller. There are other affiliations on DealsQueen and the transactions done when the user accepts the deal is between the user at DealsQueen.

The profile owner is responsible for the content he posts using his profile such as comments, photos, posts, like and other material.

The users of DealsQueen should be of the age above 15 and anyone under the age of 1 should not be using the site for deals under any circumstance. The maximum profiles that a user can have are one and any additional account will get an automatic ban. The content found on the site are not to be copied, repurposed or distributed under any circumstance without the permission of the dealers.

Any violation of the above terms and conditions will result in the suspension of your account.