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More Info About Christy England

The year was 1850 when the first yarn was spun, and ever since Christy has continued to be a stronghold in the world of textile with a special talent for producing the best towels the world has ever known. The rich heritage of the Christy tradition has been passed down from its 19th-century founders down to the owners of today. And while there has been the introduction of new technologies, the original love for excellence and comfort has continued to thrive in the company.

As the need arose, the company extended their passion, love and nearly supernatural knowledge of textile to other areas of providing comfort for all. Today not only do they provide towels but they also offer the best bathrobes, bath mats, rugs, and other bathroom essentials.

You are also not left in want of quality bed linens, cushions, throws, pillows, duvets or other products that would help you live in the utmost comfort in your home. These are available in the best materials and are also in the trendiest fashion and styles.

All their products are also highly functional and durable as they have been made with the latest fabric technology such as the Hygro Cotton. The Christy tradition has spanned over 150 years now, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of it too.