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Extra Information about Hornby

In a world where pretty much everything has to be hurriedly done, where everyone has so much on their desk to do, it can be such a good feeling to kick back, relax and drift into building something that will make you feel good. Getting started with a model railway is an activity that virtually everyone loves. With the right resource and equipment, building model railways are a fun and enjoyable thing to do. So if you are fond of building model railways, there is a place that will delight you with all there is about this fun activity. Hornby is your number one destination for a model railway hobby. The company was founded by Frank Hornby, an inventor who applied for a patent in the early 18th century in order to protect an invention he termed ‘Improvement in Toy or Educational Devices for Children and Young People’. Back then, people never had an idea of how this little innovative idea would turn to influence the popular model railway hobby.

Model railway sets are a great way for people of all ages to get creative and improve on their skill set. Start building your own railway and bring your imaginations to life.