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Manuka honey is a monofloral honey produced from the nectar of the Manuka tree. The honey is used as an alternative medicine for its potent antibacterial properties. The active ingredient, Methylglyoxal, is responsible for the antibacterial effects, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is said that it can heal wounds, soothe sore throat, prevent tooth decay, and improve digestive issues. If you love Manuka honey, Manukadoctor online store offers you the best quality Manuka honey, supplement and skincare products. Their products are created with the highest standard and natural process. Their range of skincare product is inspired by nature and has been proven to be effective by numerous customers all over the world. Their skincare products help to reduce blemish and balance troubled skin. Some top products include Apirefine, Apinourish, Tummy bee calm, Heart of the hive, collagen queen, and many others. They understand it is sometimes cumbersome to find the perfect skincare routine; this is why their beauty experts are available online to help you make the right choice by simply visiting their website and answer some simple questions. If you are looking for long term skincare products for a brighter, firmer and younger-looking skin, shop at Manuka doctor for your efficacious skincare products made from pure and reliable natural ingredients. Their products are duly certified and safe for use on all skin types. Their easy to use website makes it easy for you to get these incredible products delivered right to your doorstep. Manuka honey is surely a delicious way to start your day.