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When it comes to stylish and durable boots, Palladium boots comes to mind. Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledgling aviation industry. In 1947, using their canvas and rubber expertise, they began making boots that were as hard as their tires. Their legendary “pampa” boots were born and the functionality, comfort, and durability is still enjoyed even till this present day. Their product line is simple- all shoes have the same outsole and there are three options for upper part: Low, high and baggy. The three popular materials used in making their shoes are canvas, leather and suede. All models are available for both men and women.
If you like a tight snug fit around your feet, their baggy canvas boots are just right for you. These are well known to complement casual, edgy and punk style looks.
Their leather boots are recommended for everyday use, hiking, camping or work because of its high durability and stability. Their pampa lows and Oxford originales are perfect for individuals who like the look of converse sneakers but need some support and comfort. These shoes are stylish, chic and perfect for casual occasions. The pampa boot is light, breathable and comfortable to wear. The website is sorted into men, women, and kids. Palladium has stayed at the heart of the action with excellent customer services and quality products. Explore their selection and be raft to reshape the fashion world in style. You can go and explore adventures anywhere with their premium look, supportive sole and comfortable feel!