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This company contained in 2009. A childhood memory of camping journeys is where everything began for Anorak's creator and creative director Laurie Robertson. Built with little more when compared to a map, a campfire and a packet of marshmallows, these simple family getaways provided Laurie a love of simple pleasures, family time and an enthusiastic eye for the wonder in Mother Nature. These principles, which provided the motivation for Anorak, are absolutely crucial to the Anorak brand today. The great outside the house has some sustained inspiration for print out. And the key to Anorak's product blend is its category of Kissing Pets designs. From Hedgehogs to Horses, Badgers to Boundary Collies, Anorak's simple yet superior designs are a special event of animals from Britain and beyond. Anorak is not about fast-fashion (a few of its first images continue to be classics today) and similar to the noble animals which motivate them, the Kissing Pets or animals are amazing and iconic icons of the fantastic outdoors. From kids to grandparents, Anorak attracts young and old equally with a series designed to help you create the almost all of treasured times with relatives and buddies. For camping, Anorak gets the sleeping carriers. For picnics, Anorak gets the picnic blankets. For messing about in the dirt, Anorak gets the towels to completely clean up before bedtime. And there's even bed linen for if it is time and energy to nod off.