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Helpful Information on Chrysalis

Everything you adorn your body with tells a story, even to your jewelleries. So, the question is, what story is yours telling? At Chrysalis, your jewellery is sure to tell a perfect story. Discover Chrysalis and start your collection. In 2007 the Chrysalis concept was born in existence by Adrea. The purpose was to create beautiful jewellery that means something special to the wearer. Chrysalis bangles are designed to be stacked, allowing the design and creation of a tailored collection that springs forth great memories.

Every year, Andrea and her creative team of designers create four new collections. Located in Somerset in the UK, Andrea has a hand in the creation and design of every piece displayed online. Perhaps, you may be wondering where she gets her inspiration from. Adrea is an avid traveler hence she gets inspiration from some of the unique destinations visited. Wishes, the first Chrysalis children’s collection was inspired by Willow, Adreas beautiful daughter.

On top of that, Chrysalis is fast gaining popularity as one of the leading jewellery brands around the world and are sold in more than 3.000 sales point in strategic location worldwide. The company’s dedication and commitment to excellent service have earned it a few awards including the Charm & Bead Collection of the Year Award 2015 and the Professional Jeweller’s HOT 100 2016.