Corset Story Voucher Code September 2020

Helpful information on Corset Story

Corsets and shapewear has come a long way from its associations and connotations in the past. More and more women are once again embracing corsets and shapewear as a form of self-expression and style. Corset Story UK is a brand designed with the sophisticated, modern, and confident woman in mind. A glimpse through their range is more than enough to reveal the innovative and imaginative way in which they have completely reimagined and redefined what a corset it. They have shapewear, outerwear, corset shirts, corset tops, and under-busts.

The corset is a garment that has always been designed to perfectly frame and compliment the feminine silhouette, and Corset Story UK ensures that they maintain the integrity of the corset’s lengthy history within their designs. Experimentation is at the heart of this luxury brand, and their designers are tirelessly working behind the scenes as they bring together materials, fabrics, and patterns to create truly contemporary works of art. Inspired by the histories and traditions of burlesque, bridal wear, steampunk, and lingerie, their garments combine fashion with functionality, so that feel as beautiful as you look.