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Chess game is one of the most popular games on the planet today. Just as with other popular sports, equipment used in chess game has experienced great advancement in recent years. If you love playing the chess game, then you will understand the importance of having fully updated chess sets and equipment. It is absolutely not uncommon to find a sports enthusiast to want nothing but top grade tools, equipment and necessary needed for the game. This also applies to chess game.

Need the very best chess equipment? House of Staunton has come to your rescue. The company has established itself as the go-to store for the world’s finest chess pieces, chess boards, and chess sets. Every chess product has been produced with the customer in mind. House of Staunton adheres strictly to industry standards when it comes to creating chess pieces. Aside from being home to the finest chess equipment and accessories, House of Staunton also prides itself in being one of the largest whole suppliers of chess equipment in the US. These products are crafted from an array of materials including blood rosewood, ebony, amboynas burl, and walnut burl. This way, you rest assured of getting high-quality chess equipment at a reasonable price.