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Useful Information on Swallowsndaggers.com

Irish owned Swallows & Daggers clothing line is one of the fastest rising fashion brands in the world today. Initially, the brand started off as a tattoo magazine but today, it has transformed into an online store and blog that receives more than 200,000 visitors monthly. The company was founded by Cian Wright, an energetic entrepreneur who has never relented in his efforts to make this brand a leader in the streetwear industry. Neo-traditional tattoo artists, Simon Erl who hails from London brought up the idea of producing a once-off Swallows & Daggers t-shirts, and this led to the birth of the label. If you’re looking for streetwear designed to bring out your swags, look no further than Swallows & Dagger. The fashion-conscious people are turning to streetwear today. Their customer care representative will be there to support you. Shopping on their website is easy and convenient for all. All designs on display are unique and it’s always hard to find on the street. It’s high time you tried something that you can find when you go to stores in the UK or Ireland. At Swallows & Daggers, they make you stand out from the crowd with their unique piece of clothing design and styles.