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Bathroom Wall T-Shirts is a family-owned business that indulges in unofficial T-shirts inspired by bands in the ’80s. However, this company doesn’t only deal with music, it goes further into movies, television shows and even literary content for a bit of diversity. This company isn’t the conventional T-Shirt or fashion-conscious company, it believes and practices a form of liberated art and this is what is induced into these T-shirts. Express yourself through these Bathroom Wall T-shirts. They cover a vast amount of pop culture and can even be termed as ‘vintage’. These t-shirts are really endearing and they literally beckon to you.

Are you a Betty Boop fan? Or do you prefer Elton John’s Rocket Man, whatever tastes you have in relation to pop culture, be rest assured that you can find something you love at Bathroom Wall T-shirts? There are loads of special offers and promotions available to shoppers and the best part is that all merchandise on this site is inspired by a great artist, movie, song or writer. Even as the company is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by these acts, Bathroom Wall T-shirts is the official outlet for sleazy rock n roll, Ray Zell, Pet dictators, Rock n Roll geek, Pedro Silva, and Tom Bloomfield designed t-shirts and paintings as well. Get your favorite pop culture T-shirts here.