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Boden was established in 1991 by Johnnie Boden, founder of Sprout the dog, West Londoner, and self-proclaimed persnickety customers. In its early growing days, the company started from Boden’s kitchen table. At the time, the brand had just an 8-piece menswear collection. Johnnie Boden had to seek help from his friends to model clothes for him. As time went by, Johnnie decided to take a bold step. He had to relocate from his kitchen to a new based in West London. It was at this time he added more services to the already existing ones. He diversified into making clothes for people of all ages, including women, and children. One of the principles that have kept Johnnie going for many years is his passion for making his customer smile and leaving the store fully satisfied. Every piece displayed on its website has its own unique feel and design.

What everyone needs is a dress that will put a smile on their face, and Johnnie believes that such an accessory never goes out of trend. Whatever piece you purchase will never go outdated. No matter the season, Boden has a wide range of choices for you. Customer care representatives are friendly and ready to help.