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Italian bags have gained a worldwide reputation for their style, quality, and outstanding beauty. Founded in 1952, BRIC’S is fast becoming the leading brand when it comes to high-quality luggage and leather goods for the most stylish and sophisticated of travellers. They take pride in delivering bags that are of the highest quality. These bags are incredibly sophisticated that most Italian fashion magazines aren’t complete without having at least a page dedicated to the bags on BRIC’S. When it comes to Italian bags, they are literally one of the best you can find on the market, if only because of their attention to detail. A-List celebrities including Hollywood stars have made this brand their number one when it comes to finding the right luggage. These bags are designed to carry whatever item you have comfortably and in style. The bag is sturdy, durable and comes with an astonishing look. No matter the event or occasion, heads will turn. These bags are chic, classy and luxuriously designed. If you want to stand out of the crowd as you travel around the world, BRIC’S is definitely the way to go. Browse through their line and pick a piece of luggage that best suits your needs.