Carolina Wong Discount Code January 2022

More Info About Carolina Wong

An inspiration from travels and comfort, Carolina Wong is a store of experimentation and personal views about fashion. With a great passion for aesthetics and free will, Caroline – the CEO of the brand – sought to set up a brand that expresses her personal views and love for exploration. By mixing timeless pieces of patterns such as stripes and chequers, she recreates aesthetic bags in a carefully engineered process using leather as a source of the material. All the pieces are a reflection of her modern and ethical views by combining bold patterns, minimalist silhouettes, and sophisticated color in the handbag collection.

By having a close partnership with the craftsmen, Caroline keeps abreast of every process and every stitch so that it doesn’t deviate from the initial purpose of making the bags – her vision and her love for aesthetics. All the products are manufactured with a keen eye for details and the motive to promote the entrepreneurial atmosphere across the world.

Carolina Wong bags speak of high standards and sustainability while cutting down on costs to help you save as you shop. Besides, you get up to 10% off as a discount when you shop on the website. If you would love to be a part of the sensational and classy fashionistas, Wong’s collection will help you achieve that!