Design Italian Shoes UK Discount Code August 2022

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You ever thought of a shoe in your mind, and you just wondered somehow if it could come to reality and you knew it couldn’t because you are no designer? Well, hold that thought! DIS has quite a unique method of making shoes, you think it, you tell them, they make it. Amazing! All shoe hand made in Italy specially for each customer, just as the customer wants them made. Designed from start to finish by very talented and professional artisans. Another amazing thing about DIS is that, as perfect as their products come, the production doesn’t take time, in 10 days, the shoes have been delivered to their respective owners. You pick out everything, from the leather, to the sole, to the color, all of it will be decided by you, customized to your taste and all you have to do is get your feet measured and send to them, you could even have them put your name on it, making you into your own designer. You also do not have to worry about caring for the shoe as they generously offer tips on shoe care too. And if you’re in doubt about your size, there is the option of free wear just to be sure. Shoe shopping has never sounded better!