Maison De Choup Voucher Code August 2022

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There are so many fashion brands in the world but none takes mental health into a very great perspective as much as Maison De Choup does. This distinctive fashion brand cares so much about mental health. Their main driving force is providing cool fashion designs which fits well with anyone going through mental health challenges. Mental health is at the heart of Maison de Choup. They seek to change the perception of mental health by using fashion as a yardstick.

Wondering when this unique inspiration came from? The founder, George, had a really tough time dealing with mental health challenges. His sister, Charlotte was like a heroine to him as she helped him through most of his difficult days. He got her a nickname “Choup”. Soon, George recognized the need for people with mental health challenges to have non-triggering clothing. He then founded this amazing brand and named it after his younger sister.

Today, this brand is continually calling on all those facing mental health challenges to speak up and air their views about their condition through fashion. In the spirit of giving to society, they offer 25% of their proceedings as donations to YoungMinds Charity.

Explore their website for more exciting features about this intriguing fashion brand.