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The ME And EM was set up in 2009 to offer originator quality at cutting down expenses. Confounded by the way that it was so slippery complimenting, on-incline and delightfully made pieces of clothing, Clare settled on the decision to offer women a response for this style issue. Using her expansive purchaser information from 15 years in the publicizing business, nearly a lifetime's warmth for fashion and an obsession with fit, Clare impelled ME+EM. They request pieces of clothing that really do everything. They assume that fashion just works when you can wear a piece again and again, and feel absolutely positive about it. That is the reason they completely adjust designs for wearability and adaptability. Deliberately design cuts and select surfaces to make articles of clothing that impact style to look basic. Articles of clothing that you can wear in different mixes, like fashion Lego. These are pieces guaranteed to toward the end more than one season, taking you from the work environment to evenings out; remaining details of the week at home to developments abroad. That is Intelligent Style that is ME+EM. They request that all that they make is complimenting, on-float and helpful. They were one of the fundamental premium fashion names to pitch straightforwardly to the buyer and offer fashioner quality pieces of clothing at cutting down expenses.