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Not only a frill or combine of shoes, Melissa makes form symbols and perfect works of art of plastic building outline. Starting in 1979 with the Spider, Melissa's Plastic Dreams have come to more than 50 nations with more than 50 million sets. Working together with a portion of the World's most cutting edge planners and crusading with tremendous commonly recognized names including Kate Moss, Agnes Dean, and Dita Von Teese. It is no stun Melissa has turned into a firm most loved with Celebrities and all ladies over the globe. The man behind the innovativeness of Melissa is Creative Director and Head of Research and Development, Edson Matsuo. A learner of engineering he is capable in many types of workmanship including visual computerization and delineation. He trusts that the main limitation of the plan on plastic is the architect's innovativeness. Each jelly plan is one of a kind with its own story and the Candy smell Melissa Shoes have turned out to be celebrated internationally for. Melissa's exceptional product offering incorporates outlines from celebrated around the world item planners. Melissa has additionally teamed up with the incredibly famous Sao-Paulo Campana siblings, Humberto and Fernando. The worldwide Design geniuses who have turned out to be renowned for their motivating furniture outlines, and interpreting a considerable lot of their plan ethics into the Melissa family.