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There has always been a particular glamour associated with skateboarding, attributed in part to the influence of Hollywood and popular culture. Skateboarding is a sport that is associated with modernity, confidence and skill. The ability to balance on a structured piece of metal and some wheels have always been admired and coveted, and Team Gee is a brand that is passionate about reinventing skateboards – an effortlessly classy, stylish and chic piece of kit which is not only a method of transport but an ultra-contemporary aesthetic as well.

Skateboarding is one of the most enduring legacies of street culture and urban living, and Team Gee strives to honour the history of skateboarding by creating skateboards that are more aesthetic, high-performance and streamlined than ever before. Their electric skateboards are the thinnest and affordable ones available on the market, and they are bound to give you the riding experience of your life with their innovative drop-through decks – whether you are using it to commute to and from work or just glide around the neighbourhood. These are skateboards for every budget and skillet, age and size, and taste and preference.